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About Us

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YIELD was founded by four friends whose ambition did not lie in the small country we grew up in (New Zealand).

We love getting out of our comfort zones. Not in a scary way. But in a way that shows us we can achieve things we never thought we could.
We do this because you don’t get fulfilment from quick thrills. Easy satisfaction is just that. It’s easy. Success comes from that constant drive. That restlessness. That push. But this ambition comes at a cost.

If you’re not careful, you quickly burn out.To sustain our lifestyles, we often turned to supplements to help us on our journey. But it got to the point where we were frustrated with supplement brands that didn’t speak our language, with products that didn’t provide the functionality that we craved and with companies that weren’t kind to the planet. 

So we’ve set out to build a company that will provide us, and like-minded individuals with supplements that will help you perform better, think clearer and live smarter 💪

Jimmy Walsh, Co-founder & CEO.

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